Commit yourself before expecting others to


I started a cricket newsletter! It’s called the Spectator. It’s supposed to be highly opinionated cricket commentary, but I will be honest with you that is the goal and probably does not show up right now. It is currently just an email that you receive every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday that summarises everything in the cricketing world during the past few days.

I have done this before. In 2019, I had the domain name, where I used to do the same. Every night I used to sit and summarise the day’s happening in the world of cricket. I loved doing it, and that’s why I decided to start it again, but this time as a newsletter instead of a blog-website. I am using Substack as my platform.

Spectator started with a subscription model from day one. You get a text version of the round-up for free, and if you would like to receive an audio version, you pay ₹60 every month for it. That’s less than a dollar.

I was pretty jubilant writing and publishing the first text version two nights ago, but when it came to recording the same in audio, I was hesitant. There would be no one to listen to it. There would probably never be a person who would end up listening to it because it would stay as a private podcast episode and not even show up on any podcast directories.

That’s when I realised how important it is for me to commit to what I am doing before expecting anyone else to do the same and pay me for the thing. I decided to happily go about doing the text version three time every week and wait for my audience to build up over time before introducing an audio version as an optional.

Instead, if you are receiving the newsletter and want to contribute monetarily to it, you can use my Buy Me a Coffee page!

This post is Day 006 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge.