Grown up, in some ways


When I was younger, I used to look up and see how tall my dad and grandfather were. But now I stand a bit taller than they are. I used to jump but only with the help of a raised platform was I finally able to reach for things above the refrigerator. We now have an even taller fridge, but I can quickly look for and reach up for things over it. I couldn’t move the 15 kilos gas cylinder that used to get delivered every two weeks. Dad used to put it sideways down for me, and it took some mighty force even to roll it to its rightful place. But today I was able to pick that same cylinder with one hand and put it at its site in no time.

As far as my thoughts are concerned, they have just increased, and I am far more confused than I used to be back in the day. And back in those days, I used to think all that confusion would go away when I grow older. But it didn’t. It just keeps increasing.