Imitation game


Observing and replicating might work for children trying to learn to do basic things in their early years. It might even work for someone trying to learn skills like drawing, dancing and making craft. But one thing I feel imitation does not work in is sports. We all have different bodies. Trying to replicate someone else’s actions without making required changed for your own body would probably always fail.

As a 13-year-old, I tried for months to replicate Shane Warne’s bowling action and then that of Piyush Chawla. But listening to a conversation between Yuzvendra Chahal and Gaurav Kapur, I realised I was doing it all wrong. Even Chahal tried to imitate someone else’s bowling action in his early cricket years, which didn’t work for his body. And that’s when I realised that imitating didn’t work for me.

If I could back eight years, I would tell this to my younger self, and maybe then things could have been a little different. I don’t mean anything significant would have happened, but knowing my 13-year-old self, I can assure you he would have enjoyed finding that right action for himself.

This post is Day 005 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge.