Institutions and illusions


Whenever I align myself with other people and organisations’ ideas, I feel a sense of connection. This alignment also brings a newly-formed identity (not whole, but a part of my whole). A day or two later when the sceptic’s brain kicks in to resist those ideas, I lose that sense of connection. I lose that part of identity. From what I know, that’s how branding and marketing work too. I heard that people who strongly associate themselves with specific brands performed better while wearing their gear. They also lose their identity and feel shattered when something wrong happens with that brand.

When I became super selective about whom and what ideas I connect with, I feel left out of the world around me. Disconnected and alone.

There are thousands of institutions around us and each work on and to promote millions of illusions. Created by us humans, for and against humans. Is there a need to discriminate against other humans? Why do we even go to war? Some people have to pay such hike up prices for life-saving drugs, why?

Sometimes I don’t even like that I know a few languages that give meaning to my (rationalised or unrationalised) thoughts. I can’t differentiate between what comes from me and what comes from outside.

Don’t listen to me, okay?

I know I create barriers for myself. But even if I break them where should I even go?

This post is Day 003 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge.