Post-it notes all over the screen!


Though I am good at keeping track of all the tasks I have to do, I also ignore all the reminders I set for myself on my phone and laptop for those tasks. Name a task management app, and I would have surely tried them all.

Of course, all these apps set reminders for you, but those reminders also have a “cancel” or a “close” button. It is really a question of self-accountability when a person chooses to close the reminder when the task is done. I cancel that reminder as soon as it pops up! Or I just let it be there and continue doing what I am already up to. I can assure you what I am already doing is definitely not essential.

Writing a list of tasks to-do at night is even worse for me! It is undoubtedly a necessity to do that for me, but I barely remember anything by the time I am up in the morning. And of course, the task reminders don’t really work on me as we already know.

But in the last ten days, I have been able to work out a system that actually works for me. I now use post-it notes! I have admittedly used them before too, but this time instead of putting them on my table or the wall beside my bed, I put them on my laptop and mobile’s screens.

Tasks are sorted between over the laptop screen and the mobile screen. The deciding factor is whether they are to be done with the use of the internet or not. If I would have to use the internet, then it is my laptop. Otherwise, the task goes on the post-it note over my phone. I also have a markdown file sitting on my laptop’s home screen that contains the tasks I might do “someday”.

I try to do most tasks on my laptop screen early in the morning or as soon as I power on the laptop for the first time in the day. Tasks over my phone’s screen are done either right before or after having breakfast.

I haven’t really been able to single out tasks that are “essential” for me. I don’t really have anyone to delegate my tasks either, and maybe I would always like that to be the case. Though, I would still like to only do tasks that actually bring some sort of happiness or satisfaction to me after completion. Or even relief. I don’t really want to do tasks that just put more weight over my being.