Principles and products


For me, there are two kinds of YouTube videos when it comes to discussing any idea that a person can apply to their life:

I might not like the second kind of these videos, but I (sort of) understand why they exist. Sometimes we do need a list of apps that would make us more productive ;-) or a set of products that would make us look super minimal ;-)

I do not want to discredit anyone who makes any such videos. It’s your art, and I respect you for that. I am just having a dig on myself. To have a set of products over actually making sense of the principles I could apply for my betterment.

Also, at the end of November last year, I gave up the notion of being productive. That’s had such a good effect on me! I am happy doing what I do and feel satisfied with whatever gets done by the time I decide to sleep.

This post is Day 002 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge.