Sleep anxiety


sleep: to rest in a state of reduced consciousness
anxiety: an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, nervousness, apprehension and obsession or concern about some uncertain event

Here is the obvious fix to my sleep anxiety: MENTALLY PREPARE MYSELF FOR SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY. But it is definitely not as easy as it may sound. An even better fix: WAKE UP EARLY AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY. This way, I get tired by the time I have to sleep, and I can fall off without giving my mind time to go into an endless spiral.

But given that I am already in that spiral, why should I not give 100 Days To Offload a second go? Doing something I have been stalling for a long time somehow helps me to sleep too. I will try to refine my writing going forward. For the time being this series is just going to be about offloading as raw as it comes.

This post is Day 001 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge.