With the changes I have made in the last two months on how I use the web… I have barely seen any Google Ads! Or had to use any Google Service (at least directly) for that matter. I haven’t lost anything in exchange except for those Ads.

It is a Saturday. My sister doesn’t have school. I tried to trick her into getting up early by saying her class (online of course) is about to start. But even in her sleep, she replied to me that it is a holiday and she doesn’t have a class. For more sleep, she’ll remember everything I guess even if she is sleeping at that time.

A post by Chris Aldrich
Getting “follow” webmentions from people adding me to their blogrolls is always fun. (Thanks Chaitanya!) It’s also a nice discovery feature reading through the lists of people I ought to consider following myself.

I honestly had no clue that this was possible. I added the h-card for fun! But this is such a good way to do it and I am going to read more into it next week.